Exterior Expressions Porches

Twin Cities MN Screen Porches

If you're looking to expand your living space, then you are able to do so with a screened porch or 3 or 4 seasoned porch. Adding these types of spaces are perfect for seasonal get togethers, outdoor dining or necessary living space inside.

Constructing a porch can give you the extra space you desire and require. By using proper design and design aesthetics, you will find it can add significantly to the way your home looks.

Twin Cities Screened Porch Construction

A screened porch is a great place to relax and enjoy spring, summer and fall evenings in Twin Cities Minnesota. It provides a fresh area that protects you from insects, sun and rain. This type of porch will keep out insects, like mosquitoes, preventing them from ruining your evening. There are various options and factors to consider when constructing a screened porch. With the experience and knowledge provided by Exterior Expressions, your ideas will be brought to life and we will work with you to determine:
  • The type of screen mesh
  • Overhang and gutter options to lessen rain from entering
  • Options for electrical and lighting
  • Considerations for matching home exterior or roofs
  • The size and type of porch roof and ceiling

Twin Cities 3 and 4 Season Porches

Exterior Expressions has helped many clients in construction of 3 and 4 season porches. We can add space and value to your home, thanks to our experience and expertise in porch building.

  The 3-season porches we construct are built to provide you with greater value, as they are meant to be enjoyed for longer periods throughout the year. They are created to shield you from wind and rain, as well as provide all the benefits you would find with a screened porch. You will find with a 3-season porch:
  • A greater protection from the elements, one that provides more options in interior finish flexibility, as well as more choices for furniture and fixtures.
  • A flexibility in extensive design, in terms of the uses and functions of materials.
  • A choice of storm windows, all of which have integrated screen systems to provide you with more choices, like a more controlled environment or open air.

With a well-designed 4 season porch, you will find many advantages. As with any type of screened porch, a 4-season porch is an effective way to increase your home's living area. A 4 season porch can be used all year, including throughout the winter, and is completed without adding the costs involved in creating a full foundation. A 4 season porch will:
  • Give you the ease of using the extra space to best fit your desires and requirements.
  • Offer you a seemingly endless options in interior design and finishes.
  • Provide you with an screened porch addition that can be used year round.

Enjoy your porch all year round! Contact us now at 952.368.3325 or request a free screened porches estimate.