Hardwood Decks

Tiger Wood & Ipe Decks in Twin Cities MN

Looking for exotic, beautiful decking materials that unmatched? If you want the most durable deck material for your Twin Cities deck, then your best bet is probably an exotic hardwood deck. At Exterior Expressions, our hardwood deck materials including Ipe (ironwood), the very best hardwood from Brazil, and tiger wood.

By choosing Ipe, you will get a truly exotic hardwood deck that contains the very best characteristics of any type of decking. By choosing Ipe, tiger wood or any other exotic hardwood, you will get a deck that delivers exceptional beauty, with tight grains and a hardness that provides the very best durability. Click here to see our hardwood decking gallery!

Benefits of Hardwood Decks in Twin Cities MN

Decking professionals worldwide have chosen ipe for decades, as it represents the best in quality, consistency and durability. With this type of wood, your deck will:
  • Receive a 25-year warranty
  • Be a showpiece deck, that has an unmatched lifespan
  • Need little maintenance. It will be less than the upkeep involved with a cedar wood deck but more than what is required with a composite deck.
  • Have a deep beauty, that is rich and lasts. Only nature can deliver this type of luster.
  • Be unmatched in durability and resist most wear and tear.
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